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Investors Pool is used for investors with limited capital but want to take advantage of our algorithm to make profit from their investment.

To invest using Investors Pool, you need to have a Juno Markets account with my reference. Click here to open an account.

Each Investors Pool will start when it has reached the minimum capital for a specific EA. For more details about all EAs, click here.

The minimum investment amount is $1000.

The profit split is 50-50 with BFX Traderz. And among the investors it will be split, based on the amount invested in the Investors Pool.

For more details about profit split calculation, click here.

When adding your MT4 Account to the Investors Pool, we will notify you when the EA is ready to start. And you will receive a login and investor password to monitor this specific Investors Pool.

Investors Pool Form


When investing in an Investors Pool, please do not withdraw all your money before notifying BFX Traderz. By withdrawing all your money, you might affect others investors in the pool because the EA is running on a specific minimum amount of investment. We recommend that you withdraw your profit every month and if you want to leave the Investors Pool, BFX Traderz will replace your investment by another one.

You can Op-Out from the Investors Pool from this page.

Thank you for your understanding.

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